The Car

A 1968 Chevrolet Convertible Impala. The perfect wedding car!


Restored with the classic Chevy white paint and beautiful blue interior


The Perfect Co-Star

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue! Amara has you covered! Whether you need a wedding car, formal car or you just need to make sure you arrive in style, Amara is the perfect ride for your event


A 454 big block V8


Stereo, air conditioning, seat belts for 4 passengers plus our driver, emergency kit for the ladies in the boot!

Amara is the “co-star” to our Famous Ride “Baby”, who is the Impala from the hit TV Show, Supernatural, which stars Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki. However, Amara is beautiful in her own right. She is a 1968 Convertible Chevy Impala. She has a 454 big block V8 engine, original blue interior and stereo.

This car can fit 4 passengers comfortably plus our driver, three in the back and one in the front., all with seatbelts. Whilst she hasn’t been a famous ride, she has been a co-star for many, appearing in classic TV shows such as Knight Rider, Dawsons Creek, Miami Vice and The A Team and hit movies such as Scarface. She’s even appeared in The Simpsons in cartoon form!

Amara was a 1968 factory 427 big block convertible. What this means, is that there were only ever about 366 of this particular model and engine EVER made. In the world. 

Whilst unfortunately she hasn’t been kept in original condition, it still makes her a pretty rare and unique car and we are pretty happy that we have her as part of our Famous Ride line up! 

Classic Car Gold Coast
Wedding Car Just Married Bunting
For anyone who may not be familiar with the Supernatural TV Show, (have you been living under a rock?) just kidding!…..  We think you may even prefer to have a ride in Amara, although she is a little louder than Baby, she does have the certain “sex appeal” with the top down and the rumble of the engine.
Amara is the perfect wedding car with her bright white paint and beautiful blue interior, however she has been a show stopper as a formal car, always getting comments on her unique look.

Signature Experiences

Whilst we think Amara is perfect for any event, she does make the below driving experiences EXTRA special!

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